Monetize your traffic with push subscriptions!

TacoLoco is a reliable platform which helps webmasters and mediabuyers to make money on push ads.

Monetize your traffic with push subscriptions!

Maximum Life Time Value

Payouts are 90% of revenue during entire life of a push subscription. We monetize your impressions and clicks in 180+ countries.

Why choose us?

Income for Webmasters

Add a special code to your website. It will offer all your visitors to subscribe on push ads what will make you a profit.

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Income for Webmasters

Income for Mediabuyers

You don’t have your own website? Just get a link and send traffic to our landing pages, we’ll do all the rest.

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Income for Mediabuyers

Weekly payouts

Your account always has detailed statistics on subscriptions, impressions and payouts.

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Weekly payouts

1 Billion Impressions daily

90% RevShare

$10M+ Payouts to Publishers

30+ RTB networks

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Frequently asked questions

  • Revenue share 90%
  • Weekly payouts without withholding
  • High eCPM
  • Monetization via RTB with 30+ auction networks
  • Rapid and detailed statistics about life of subscriptions
  • Instant website moderation
  • Effective landings for collecting subscription pushes.

Yes, we can provide any suitable form of trafficback for you. This is where users come to, if the pushes on their devices (for example iOS) aren't working or if the user is not subscribed.

Yes, you can add postback to monitor new subscriptions. In this case you will need to use macros {click_id} and add the postback URL to the profile.

Dating (18+ subject matter) and also Mainstream (any other traffic).

The best results come from US, DE, GB, CA, JP, AU, FR, ES, NL, IT, CH, BR, SE, RU, TR, IN, CZ, DK, NZ, IE.

Most of the report data updates in real time, some users experience a delay of 10 minutes.

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